Reimagine Your Enterprise Business Applications


Reimagine Your Enterprise Business Applications


We Develop Mission-Critical Software For Our Clients

Fingent is an award-winning ISO 270001-certified custom software development company. Whether the need is Intelligent Applications, AI, Machine Learning, or web and mobile applications employing the latest in AR/VR/MR or 3D configuration, Fingent has the personnel with the expertise and the experience needed to deliver high-quality software efficiently on time and on budget.

Fingent - Propelling Your Business To Success With Emerging Tech

Cloud Native
Enabling on-demand scalability, reliability, and software security
Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Harnessing AI with a touch of EI
Intelligent automation of tomorrow
Extended Reality
Creating unbelievably immersive experiences
Data Visualization
Enabling advanced exploration and compelling company stories

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Build or Buy: Custom Development vs. Off-the-Shelf Software

Make an informed decision between custom development and off-the-shelf software that aligns with your business goals.

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Outsourced Development: Pushing the Boundaries of Software Innovation

Leverage specialized talent and increase efficiency in building innovative and efficient software solutions economically.

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Prepare Your Company to Be

Whether navigating legacy systems or starting from scratch, let’s help you harness technology to digitize every facet of your operations.

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Build A Solid Foundation For Your Software With A Software Blueprint

Craft a strategic roadmap assuring your software will be built efficiently and on time, focusing on excellence at every step of the development journey.

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Building Intelligence Into Your Enterprise Application

Reimagine your enterprise applications as AI-powered ecosystems for smarter automation, predictive insights, personalized user journeys, and top-notch customer support.
AI & ML is a game-changer that can take your organization to the next level – Join the revolution and reap the benefits.

We Are A Software Company That Delivers Value

Hundreds of leading businesses have derived strategic advantages from our transformative solutions.

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Software Development for Broadcast System Integrator

A broadcast system integrator has hired Fingent for custom software development. The team is rebuilding an older PC-based software system, upgrading components, and integrating Active Directory.

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“We’ve been very happy with their work and documentation.”

The client has been pleased with Fingent’s work and documentation. Projects are delivered on time, and the team has been patient and thorough in their approach. The client has been impressed with the team’s collaborative skills and willingness to go above and beyond to provide solutions.

Matt Feeney

Director of Projects, Techtel Pty

Sydney, Australia


Quality 5.0
Schedule 5.0
Cost 4.5
Willing to Refer 5.0

Project Summary

IT Services

Mobile App & Web Dev for Cybersecurity Company

Fingent drives a cybersecurity company's development projects, including mobile, desktop, and online applications. They aim to develop the company's app in a user-friendly way by addressing consumer needs.

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"It has been nice to have a “one-stop-shop” experience where all elements of the development have been handled."

To date, Fingent has continued to be consistent in their timeliness, and they address any issues along the way. The team allows the internal staff to focus on their vision while Fingent brings the concepts to life. Clear communication and quick responses also stand out.

Justine Wagner

Executive Assistant, Security Services Northwest

Seattle, Washington


Quality 5.0
Schedule 5.0
Cost 5.0
Willing to Refer 5.0

Project Summary

Advertising & Marketing

Custom Software & CRM Development for Marketing Agency

Fingent evaluated and stabilized an existing CRM and business management solution before developing an entirely new solution. With a Microsoft Dynamics SL interface, the new system consolidates critical tools.

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"I’ve felt that I have a real partner in this work since Fingent came in on day one with a comprehensive plan."

The custom solution launched successfully, and Fingent is currently delivering user-requested bug fixes and features. Beyond technical contributions, they recommended several business process enhancements. Their around-the-clock support is praised, as is their flexibility during the pandemic.

Mathew Grant

VP of Technology & Innovation, Impact XM

Dayton, New Jersey


Quality 5.0
Schedule 5.0
Cost 5.0
Willing to Refer 5.0

Project Summary

Real Estate

Custom Software Development for Tax Deferment Intermediary

Fingent provided custom software development services for a tax deferment intermediary. They developed a solution that replaced the partner's 25-year-old legacy software and moved accessibility to the cloud.

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"I was very amazed by what they managed to pull off from my description of our software."

The solution met expectations and successfully allows the partner to execute their work processes. Fingent resolved issues as they arose and maintained regular communication throughout the engagement. They paid attention to details and built a solution that's customized to the partner's needs.


CEO, Spectrum Exchange Corporation

Camp Verde, Arizona


Quality 5.0
Schedule 4.5
Cost 4.0
Willing to Refer 5.0

Our Products

A People Development Platform that builds a holistic learning culture for enterprises to improve their productivity levels.
Enterprise Cloud Platform With Everything You Need To Run Your Business Better
One-stop Platform To Effectively Manage Your Field Service Business

The Latest Buzz

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Today, technology seamlessly weaves its way into every aspect of our daily lives. That’s precisely what digital transformation is all about – a process that enables businesses
Use Cases
How Customized AI Solutions Are Reshaping Private Jet Businesses
Chartering a private jet is probably the most luxurious and comfortable way to travel. The thought of private flights brings one’s mind to an exclusive flying experience with cleaner cabins
Augmented Reality In
Human beings consistently find new ways to make life more exciting and awe-inspiring. One of these grand inventions is Augmented Reality. It is one of the fastest-growing technologies by far

We Are Your Ideal Partner To Leverage Emerging Tech In Innovative Ways.

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