About Us

“Safe, Strong and Free.” We believe every child is born with these rights. Children across Colorado know the Front Range Center for Assault Prevention (FRCAP) by these three words. They’re our trademark, but they’re more than that. They emphasize the positive. They give FRCAP a deeper meaning.

FRCAP was founded in 1996 by Executive Director Victoria Strong. Victoria thought one of the most effective ways to decrease violence against children was to teach young people how to recognize potentially dangerous situations and give them strategies to deal with those situations. Strangers who assault children count on secrecy to get away with their crime. Family members who abuse children rely on secrecy, too. Both types of abusers scare children into silence. But every child can learn they don’t have to keep a secret that is confusing, hurtful or unsafe. They can learn how to get help and who to tell.

Child abuse is a difficult and disturbing topic to talk about. But prevention is not. Prevention is positive and hopeful. Prevention can triumph over abuse. We’ve seen this again and again. The single most important thing we can do to stop child abuse is to invite children to be a part of the “Prevention Team.” Yes, children are vulnerable to abuse, but they are not powerless to prevent it. They are very capable and can be quite effective if they know what to do. By empowering them with prevention education, they do not have to become a statistic.