Elementary CAP

The Elementary School CAP program is a comprehensive child assault prevention program designed to teach children how to prevent:

  • Bully assault
  • Stranger abduction
  • Sexual assault

Taught in one-hour sessions (30-minute sessions for Kindergarteners) over two consecutive days, we begin by discussing kids’ rights to be “Safe, Strong and Free.” We then ask children to define these rights in their own words.

Next, through various role plays and guided group discussions, we teach children how to recognize potentially dangerous situations and give them strategies to deal with those situations. We also talk about identifying a trusted adult in their life who can help them if they feel their personal safety is being violated.

Our goal is for children to leave these classroom workshops feeling empowered and capable of handling difficult or scary situations that may come up in their own lives. Additionally, we hope to increase their confidence in helping their peers or others who are being victimized.

At the conclusion of the two days, facilitators review the lessons and invite the children to ask questions or voice any concerns. During that time, a particular child may disclose information regarding an unsafe personal situation. Should a child divulge abuse, we would take the necessary steps to report that information to the teacher and to the appropriate authorities. We want to make sure everything possible is done to help and protect that child.