Our Goals

Children are entitled to the same personal safety as adults. However, unless adults recognize and respect a child’s right to be “Safe, Strong and Free,” children will continue to be victims of abuse and neglect.

Far too often, children are not introduced to prevention education until after an incident has occurred. It is crucial children receive prevention training to reduce their vulnerability to bully assault, stranger abduction and sexual assault. This is FRCAP’s primary mission and goal.

Additionally, we hope to diminish children’s vulnerability to abuse by:

  • Helping children and adolescents recognize potentially dangerous situations.
  • Giving them strategies and techniques to deal with those situations so they are not victims of abuse or aggression.
  • Teaching children who are abused and neglected how to get help, and who to tell, so they avoid carrying childhood trauma with them into adulthood.
  • Making the prevention of violence a community effort by enlisting the support of children, adults, caregivers, teachers and school staff.
  • Recognizing that many of society’s most difficult social problems, including violence, have their roots in child abuse and neglect.
  • Changing the culture among young people from one of peer pressure to peer support so that children and teens know what to do to help other kids.