As part of the CAP Project's approach to assault prevention education, FRCAP staff present a 2-2/12 hour in-service to school staff in each school community served. The staff in-service is scheduled by the principal to accommodate school schedules. These presentations take place prior to children's classroom workshops to pave the way for effective and knowledgeable support and reinforcement of workshop principles. School staff receive the following information:
• A description of the appropriate children's workshop (either preschool, elementary or teen)
• Information on how to recognize abuse. Physical, emotional, social and behavioral indicators are presented and discussed.
• Information on mandated reporting and child abuse laws in the state of Colorado.
• Current information on the scope of child abuse and the impact it has on our communities.
• Tips for reinforcing prevention strategies at home.
• A community resource guide and parent/guardian handbook for every participant. This information prepares adults to listen to, believe and help a child in need, before it's too late. It is crucial for all adults who participate in children's lives to attend one of these invaluable in-services.
• How to conduct follow-up lessons on prevention in their classroom after FRCAP leaves their school

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