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Add the extra layer of engagement and excitement to your products and services with augmented reality app development.

The AR Advantage

Augmented Reality Services For Businesses

Augmented Reality Services helps to blend the physical and digital world, creating an immersive and interactive experience that captivates users. Whether for business, entertainment, or work, AR can transform your products and services into engaging experiences that make every interaction more exciting and memorable. AR is the key to next-level engagement. Embrace it and showcase your products in a whole new way with AR.

Know the Difference

Augmented Reality vs Virtual Reality



AR and VR are two peas in a pod, but their business applications vary. It is crucial to make sure you choose the right technology.

AR Business Scenarios

Augmented Reality Applications are Evolving the Business Landscape

Showcase virtual product demonstrations to attendees with hands-on experience to see how a product works, what it does, and what it looks like from different angles. It is a handy tool to demonstrate products that are too large, heavy, or dangerous to be physically present.
Customers can visualize how clothing, accessories, and other products would look on them in real time, creating a lifelike and interactive experience. It elevates the shopping experience to new heights, saving time and making quicker purchasing decisions.
Step into a property and see it come to life right before your eyes without ever having to leave your home. Explore properties in a lifelike and interactive experience with a clear picture of what it looks and feels like- 360-degree images, 3D models, floor plans, and all relevant details about the property.
Doctors use image simulators to mimic real surgical procedures and anatomy. These tools provide doctors with detailed, real-time information about a patient’s anatomy during surgery, enabling them to make more informed decisions during procedures.
Car dealers can showcase vehicles in a virtual environment. Customers can explore cars in real-time and see detailed information about the car’s features, performance, and specifications, and even take it for a virtual test drive from the comfort of their homes.

Use Cases

Augmented Reality In Different Industries

AR improves the shopping experience by offering virtual try-ons, product visualization, and interactive displays. It creates a more engaging and personalized shopping experience for customers.
AR enhances education by simplifying complex subjects and making learning interactive. It improves student engagement and knowledge retention by offering an innovative approach to learning.
AR provides real-time visual aids for medical professionals. From surgical planning to medical imaging, AR improves diagnosis, treatment and training, leading to better patient outcomes.

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The Cost

Augmented Reality Services

While the cost of developing an AR app may seem high, businesses can potentially save more money in the long run by using AR technology to streamline their operations and reduce costs.
The cost of developing augmented reality (AR) applications can vary greatly depending on a number of factors such as the complexity of the project, the level of interactivity required, and the platform on which the app will be deployed. For example, an AR app can enable technicians to perform maintenance tasks more efficiently by providing real-time guidance and remote support, reducing the need for travel and on-site visits. This can result in significant cost savings over time, making the initial investment in AR development worth it. Additionally, the use of AR can also improve customer engagement and satisfaction, leading to increased revenue and growth opportunities for the business.

It's important to work with an experienced AR development team to accurately estimate the cost of your project and forecast the ROI it can generate.

Empowering Imaginations

3D Web Configurators

A 3D Web product configurator is an interactive and easy-to-use tool that allows likely customers to experience your products in 3D, view them from any angle, and customize colors, textures, and other features in real-time. This enables the users to get an accurate representation of how the final product will look. The configurator can be integrated into eCommerce websites, allowing customers to order custom-configured products directly from the website.
3D Furniture Configurator
3D Apparel Configurator
3D Shed Builder Web Configurator

Success Story

Customized AR Powered Apps for eCommerce

Fingent developed agnostic AR web solutions for mobile to enable 3D preview of objects that helped customers to engage with products more interactively and make the right purchase decisions.

Our AR success stories are valuable insights into the real-world applications of AR in business. These insights can help you make a decision in choosing AR services.

Choosing the Right Experts

AR Application Development

Picking on the right AR experts is critical for your business’s success. The right team brings experience, technical skills, strong communication, problem-solving abilities, and a knack for collaboration with your project.
Some of the commonly used frameworks and platforms in AR development include-

Web AR Solutions


Lens Studio

AR Core


Spark AR

According to Fingent, following a structured and well-defined AR development process ensures that the app is developed on time, within budget, and to the highest quality standards. It also helps to minimize risks and ensure that the app meets the business requirements and provides long-term value to the users.
Concept Art
Story Boarding
UI/UX Design
3D Modeling
Sound Design
Q/A Testing
Content Development

Fingent - The place where CUSTOM SOFTWARE that shapes a business is created

Create Your Custom Software Blueprint With The Experts


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