Data Analytics and Visualization Services

Enabling fact-based decision intelligence to drive business transformation

Why Data Analytics?

Importance of data analytics and visualization in business

How do they differ?

Difference between data analytics and data visualization

Data Analytics is the process of analyzing data sets to make decisions based on business information, with the help of specialized software and systems. Analytics enables businesses to better understand their customers, improve advertising campaigns, personalize content, and improve bottom lines.
Data Visualization provides an accessible way to see and understand trends and patterns in data by representing the information in graphical or pictorial formats. General types of data visualizations are charts, tables, graphs, maps, and dashboards.

Business Analytics Applications

Applications of data analytics in business

Marketing : Forecast customer behavior and demand variations to devise new product strategies and act on trends to increase customer satisfaction, improve customer experience, and create loyalty.
Retail : Streamline management operations, optimize processes to reduce costs, opt for profitable pricing models, and discover customer preferences to personalize offerings.
Healthcare : Access medical records and treatment history to infer insights, accelerate treatment development, streamline administration of drugs, and improve care delivery.
Fraud and risk detection : Banks, insurance companies, cybersecurity firms, governments, etc. use data analytics to detect fraudulent activities, identify new risks from data patterns, pinpoint anomalies, and identify potential root causes of fraudulence.
Supply chain management : Predictive analytics can help with inventory and warehouse management, B2B supplier networks, route optimization for delivery agents, and notification of potential delays to deliveries.

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Analytics & Visualization Tools

Tools and technologies used to support data analytics and visualization

Data analytics tools and technologies
Data visualization techniques
Infographics Line Charts Treemaps Bullet Graphs
Area Charts Scatter Plots Bubble Clouds Fever Charts
Population Pyramids Heat Maps Time Series Charts
Infographics Line Charts Treemaps
Bullet Graphs Area Charts Scatter Plots
Bubble Clouds Fever Charts Population Pyramids
Heat Maps Time Series Charts

Picking The Right Tools

Choosing the right data analytics and visualization tool(s)

What to look for when selecting a data analytics tool?
What to look for when selecting a data visualization tool?

Choosing the right data analytics technology from a sea of options can be tricky, but easy with an experienced consulting services provider.

Pros & Cons of Analytics

Benefits and challenges of big data analytics



Infrastructure Requirements

Infrastructure considerations to implement data analytics

Investments & Returns

Factors that affect data analytics costs and ROI


Fingent - The place where CUSTOM SOFTWARE that shapes a business is created

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Success Stories

Analytics-driven business transformation: Success stories

1. Data management solution for an event discovery platform
Fingent developed a data management solution for Plananza, an event discovery platform that connects people to the events that interest them. The application supports visualization of event locations, participation, performer lists, and real-time management of events, including attendees, performers, and economies of events.
2. Data visualization solution to analyze hospital performance
Fingent deployed a data visualization solution for the performance analysis of hospitals in England. The solution comprehends data from the NHS network to gauge hospital performance, including key metrics. It provides users with interactive, visual graphs linked across multiple disciplines, and detailed analysis of performance measured against key parameters.
3. Customized data analytics solution for a retail company
Premium Retail Services collaborated with Fingent to develop a customized data analytics solution that helps convert large volumes of data into user-friendly visual representations. Besides automating data input procedures, the solution helps in managing field data and assessing performance reviews.
4. Custom analytics solution for data touchpoint analysis
Fingent developed a data analytics application for Quantlogic, a financial research firm, to improve their trading strategies. The solution allows Quantlogic to perform a predictive analysis of its financial data to support investment planning.

Each data analytics success story speaks volumes about the long-term business value unlocked by an insights-driven culture.


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