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3D Product Configurator

Creating An Engaging Product Experience

Customers who engage with a 3D web product configurator are 40% more likely to purchase a product.


Custom 3D Product Configurators

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Key Features

Dynamic Capabilities of 3D Product Configurators

The Significance

Benefits & Possibilities of 3D Product Configurators for Businesses

Elevated Shopping Experience: Harnessing the power of personalization and customization features, customers reign supreme in shaping their purchase decisions.
Boosted Sales Momentum: Infuse excitement into shopping by engaging with products in immersive 3D, increasing the chance of purchasing.
Slashing Returns: Minimizes the number of returns due to mismatched expectations or incorrect sizing, as customers customize products upfront.
Efficiency Redefined: Seamlessly streamline shopping voyages by banishing manual configurations and embracing tech-driven transformations.
Marketing Magic: Fetch consumer preferences through 3D configurator data, allowing brands to curate strategies that truly resonate.

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Success Stories

Featured Projects on 3D Product Configuration

A cabin and storage shed manufacturer based in Ohio elected to work with Fingent in the creation of a bespoke 3D Web Configurator. This innovative solution enriches customer interactions by offering novel self-service possibilities and an immersive user experience.

Solution Highlights:

Getting Started

Building a 3D Product Configurator

Developing a 3D product configurator can be a daunting task, but with an expert approach and tools, it can be a rewarding experience that brings a new level of customization and engagement to your business. At Fingent, we follow a structured and standardized process to develop a product configurator that aligns with the business requirements and enhances the customer experience.


Cost of Developing a 3D Product Configurator

The cost of building a product configurator can vary widely depending on factors such as the complexity of the product, level of interactivity, customization options, user interface, and integration with existing systems. You can choose to develop the configurator in-house or outsource the development to an expert development company.
What influences the cost of 3D configurator development?
Content richness: Rich content demands meticulous coding, which can influence the price.
3D model detailing: The more intricate your 3D models, the more time and effort it takes, impacting the expense.
Platform choice: Different platforms come with varying costs for integration and maintenance.
Immersive depth: Deeper immersion requires advanced tech, potentially raising the price.
Rendering approach: The technique used to render the 3D visuals can affect the overall development cost.

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