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Reimagining Travel Experience with Custom Travel Software Development

Travel companies are under constant pressure to keep pace with the evolving traveler expectations and social trends, while improving their financial efficiency. With creative and pragmatic custom software solutions, travel companies can increase their agility and resilience, adapt to an ever-changing travel landscape, and tap into bold opportunities.
Right from managing the daily tasks of organizing travel to generating personalized offers tailored to travelers’ expectations, software and technology innovations can set your travel company up for sustained success.
Travel portal development Online booking engines & platforms OTA-compliant travel software Loyalty & commission management
Payment gateway integrations Transportation management Accommodation booking solutions Entertainment and recreation
Restaurants & food services Real estate & property services Travel content management Omnichannel customer engagement
Travel portal development Online booking engines & platforms OTA-compliant travel software
Loyalty & commission management Payment gateway integrations Transportation management
Accommodation booking solutions Entertainment and recreation Restaurants & food services
Real estate & property services Travel content management Omnichannel customer engagement

Custom Travel Software

Personalized Travel Software Solutions to Address Diverse Industry Segments

  • Centralize and manage information related to hotels, travel agencies, flights, car rentals, and customer data.
  • Integration of standard APIs to add payment gateways, price comparison tables, ticketing systems, social media platforms, and so on.
  • Custom software to manage and streamline the daily business operations of both single and multiple property business owners.
  • Incorporation of latest technologies that allow travel & hospitality companies to save costs and improve ROI.
  • Restaurant POS systems and food ordering apps for end-to-end restaurant management.
  • Custom solutions to solve the challenges in store management, inventory, reconciliation, and accounting.
  • Personalized travel mobile apps for hotel chains, restaurants, airlines, railways, travel agencies, and even travelers.
  • Custom web and mobile apps designed and built as per the standard hospitality and travel management system guidelines.
  • Best-in-class software for tour organizers to quickly interact with prime clients, advise them on the top destinations, cheapest and convenient modes of transportation, and the best time to visit a destination.
  • Data analytics solutions for travel agents to easily understand a traveler’s preferences and source the best flights, transport, and accommodation.
  • Customized personal concierge services to enable local pickups and delivery of guests to and from hotels.
  • Fleet and drivers tracking, mobile app for drivers & riders, one-tap booking, revenue collection & tracking, payment integration, etc.
  • Booking engines for online reservation of vacation activities, including booking of campsites, sports clubs, recreation centers, and more.
  • Update and track check-ins and check-outs in real-time, calculate dynamic reservation pricing options, and track revenue.
  • Customized mobile kiosks to provide guests with a convenient, hassle-free way to check-in, allowing them to bypass the line at the front desk.
  • Options to pre-book hotel amenities, room services, spas, recreation activities, pool parties, and more, and pay bills ahead of check-out to reduce waiting time.

Travel companies operate in a highly volatile landscape where uncertainty is the rule. With custom software solutions, travel companies can become more relevant to their customers at multiple touchpoints.

Trending Technologies

Innovative Technologies That Drive Transformation in The Travel Industry

Robotic Process Automation
Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)
Internet of Things (IoT)
Contactless Payments
AI-based Chatbots
Big Data

Business Scenarios

Custom Travel Software Development for Different Business Scenarios

A travel itinerary app helps perform the overall planning of a journey in one go, including travel tickets, hotel reservations, and destinations. The app will manage the entire travel schedule and ensure that the traveler is on track.
Dedicated software for ticket booking assists users in buying tickets for activities that require authorization, such as boarding cards for trains, flights, or cruises, and entry passes for museums, exhibition centers, and historical sites.
Accommodation booking apps allow users to choose from thousands of rooms available in the city at the right prices. Prior reservations enable travelers to enjoy their vacations without worrying about finding the right accommodation.
A travel insurance buying app allows travelers to make their trips safer by opting to cover potential risks, such as baggage loss, theft, trip cancellation, loss of passport, medical emergency, bounced airline or hotel booking, etc. Travel insurance apps are integrated with leading banks and insurance companies for seamless management of compensation claims and relief pay out.
Travel guide apps provide travelers with the best guide, driver, transportation, and tour services to make their experience more memorable and fantastic. These apps help users discover the top-trending destinations, attractive city spots, best times to visit each destination, and more, while taking care of their preferences.
Transportation apps allow users to book cab or bike services for intercity or intra city pickup and delivery. When users are unfamiliar with the taxi services available in their destination, these transportation apps come handy.
Travelers who don’t want to compromise their savings while traveling can apply for credit to cover their travel expenses. Travel finance apps allow travelers to find the right sources, such as banks and commercial lending firms, from where they can buy financial support.
A custom travel mobile app integrated with GPS and maps ensures that users don’t get stranded in the narrow streets of a new city, or get confused on their way back to the hotel. GPS-integrated travel software helps travelers reach the right destination by using maps and navigation features.
Getting a 360° view of the destination can be a good idea to decide if it is worth visiting the place or not. Using virtual reality or augmented reality, users can take a complete look at the place from their smartphones or by using VR headsets. AR/VR-guided virtual tours offer users a realistic experience of visiting any destination.
Though English is a universal language, there are billions of people across several countries who don’t speak or understand it. With language translation apps, travelers can easily converse with foreign language speakers and break the barriers of communication.

The Fingent Way

Travel Software Development Company Tailors Software Solutions to Meet Client Needs

Augmented Reality to Enhance Travel Experience
With AR, users can begin their travel search, discover the best destinations, navigate new settings, find travel safety advice, and reduce language barriers. Fingent helps travel companies and tour agencies to develop customized and mobile and cloud-first solutions that deliver comprehensive and outstanding travel experiences.
Smart Solutions for Traveler Engagement
Fingent helps travel service providers to collaborate with critical third-party players in the industry through custom API development and integration. This helps them offer highly personalized services, improve asset and inventory management, ensure timely availability of data, enable customer self-service, recommend contextual trip suggestions and best deals, and forecast travelers’ expectations.
IoT for Real-Time, Connected Travel Platforms
We help our clients develop IoT-integrated travel booking applications that allow users to link and manage their operations using their smartphones and personal devices. Our team of experts can help ideate IoT processes and streamline end-to-end travel business operations by migrating your legacy software into an efficient, IoT-based infrastructure.
Artificial Intelligence Integration
Fingent works with travel service providers to integrate AI and analytics capabilities into their websites and mobile apps, so they can deeply understand their customers’ preferences, user behavior, and expectations. This allows them to create and promote personalized travel recommendations and automate operations, such as booking, invoicing, payment, reconciliation, and more, to ensure better travel experience.
Personalized Travel Content Mapping & Delivery
Real-time availability of personalized travel security information, local updates, and visiting guidelines enable travelers to navigate safely across various destinations. By crowd-sourcing data feeds, Fingent delivers risk algorithms that assess the safety of top destinations in the world. We develop custom travel applications that can be integrated with leading information sources, such as the CDC, United Nations, State Department, WHO, Interpol, local authorities, and global crime statistics.

Tailor-made software solutions crafted by top-rated experts allow your travel business to boost efficiency, customer experience, sustainability, safety, and revenue.

Client Stories

Fingent’s Featured Software Solutions for the Travel Industry


Fingent helped GeoSure in developing a customized native Android mobile app for a real-time safety measurement and rating platform that enables travelers to gauge their personal safety level at any moment, from anywhere.


  • Highly sophisticated analytical engine to provide recommendations to users
  • Data from trusted sources and crowd-sourced reports are integrated with smart, data-driven, statistical algorithms
  • Delivery of personalized and quantifiable travel security content
  • Improved consumer outreach with marketing assistance

Sharjah Airport Travel Agency (SATA)

Sharjah Airport Travel Agency (SATA) collaborated with Fingent to streamline and reconceptualize their digital marketing efforts and boost their brand’s online presence and visibility. With a high level of social media engagement and regular roll out of relevant content, SATA successfully improved their online visibility, website engagement, and conversions.


  • Remarkable improvement in customer engagement with the brand
  • Increased website traffic and conversions
  • 100% improvement in the overall lead generation
  • 86.96% increase in social media engagements

Premier Private Jets

Premier Private Jets was using a third-party application to manage their entire operations including sales, flight management, and maintenance. Fingent helped them develop a proprietary application, customized to address their business requirements and eliminate their dependency on the third-party application.


  • AI-based email monitoring to filter relevant emails and identify the best opportunities
  • AI-based pricing model to apply price surges automatically based on demand
  • Ability to respond quickly to flight requests and swiftly plan flight schedules
  • Large-scale improvement in the timing and effectiveness of sales quotes


Factors Influencing the Cost of Custom Travel Software Development

There are a number of pivotal factors to be taken into consideration when developing a custom travel booking application.
It is essential to note that investing in a customized logistics software solution can help streamline your business operations, reduce costs, and improve productivity, leading to long-term cost savings.

Partnering with the right experts is crucial for balancing the cost and functionality of travel software development. The right expert helps you with the accurate estimation of development costs and ensures a stable return on investment.


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