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Know Your Position

What stage of digital transformation are you currently in?

Digital transformation is a journey across three stages: digitization, digitalization, and finally, digital transformation. Successful digital transformation requires business to gradually move from the first stage to the last, without rushing hastily to the final stage.
Stage 1 : Digitization
Stage 2 : Digitalization
Stage 3 : Digital transformation

Knowing where you are in the DX journey is the first step to achieving successful digital transformation.

Assess Your Readiness

Checklist for organizations to assess digital transformation readiness

  • Clearly defined strategic vision mapped to the organization’s digital needs
  • Senior executives and leadership have a clear understanding of their company’s digital capabilities and business objectives
  • Strong digital leadership to define the strategy by overcoming complexities
  • Encouraging new ways of thinking and solutions from different perspectives
  • Learning from risks and failures to make strong comebacks
  • Rewarding innovation and overcoming cultural resistance to change
  • Adequate IP assets to implement strategic vision
  • Using software already to improve performance, operations, customer understanding, supplier interactions, and product know-how
  • Availability of digital expertise, technical talent, visionary and innovative skills within the company to define the right digital strategy
  • Assessing and grading workforce based on their understanding and level of digital transformation knowledge
  • Ability to overcome the lack of skills needed to execute digital transformation strategy
  • Willingness and ability to fund strategic digital initiatives with unpredictable returns
  • Readiness to redesign existing revenue streams and business models to secure profit in the long run
  • Software and technology investments made over the past three years
Readiness to invest in the following technology assets:
  • Big data
  • Data mining and analytics
  • Cloud computing
  • Mobile technologies
  • Internet and wireless communications
  • Other technology assets needed to implement strategic vision

Approaching Digital Transformation

Checklist for organizations to approach digital transformation

  • Determine the business areas that will be affected
  • Specific technologies to be implemented for transformation
  • What goals the transformation intends to achieve
  • Analyze the potential changes and impacts on processes, systems, and culture
  • Obtain buy-in from all the key stakeholders, including senior leaders and employees
  • Evaluate the current IT infrastructure
  • Identify the gaps to be closed in skills and capabilities
  • Determine the level of digital literacy (both existing and required) across the organization
  • Define a timeline to execute the transformation project
  • Identify the resources and assets needed for transformation
  • Set clear milestones to accomplish the transformation journey in a phased manner
  • Select and integrate the appropriate technologies, including cloud computing (SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS models), Artificial Intelligence, Analytics, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), and the Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Track the key performance indicators to measure the impact of transformation on your company
  • Make the required adjustments and customizations that will make your digital transformation journey successful and effective
  • Promote a culture of innovation, learning, and continuous improvement
  • Encourage experimentation and empower employees to adapt quickly by mitigating risks
  • Develop the flexibility to roll with the punches as digital transformation projects are expected to break new ground
  • Embrace or generate new revenue streams with the right vision and approach to transform

Fingent - The place where CUSTOM SOFTWARE that shapes a business is created

Create Your Custom Software Blueprint With The Experts

Solving Business Problems

Leveraging digital transformation services to solve business challenges

The Advantage

Business benefits of digital transformation services

The most sustainable advantage of digital business transformation is the agility you have over others.

ROI Considerations

Measuring and improving ROI of digital transformation services

Steps to Calculate Digital Transformation ROI

Planning your digital transformation project with an experienced digital strategy consultant will fetch you benefits that outweigh expenses.

Transformational Technologies

Technologies that drive digital transformation

AI in Digital Transformation

Artificial intelligence plays a key role in digital transformation

Consulting & Strategy

Digital transformation consulting services

Digital transformation consulting is a set of services offered by digital consulting experts like Fingent to improve the customer experience, business operations, experience design, and market transformation of companies.
Digital consultants analyze an organization’s requirements, existing resources, and their ability to scale, in order to recommend the right digital technologies, tools, processes, and platforms that can reimagine their business for the digital age.
Bottom-line benefits of digital transformation consulting:

Fingent - The place where CUSTOM SOFTWARE that shapes a business is created

Create Your Custom Software Blueprint With The Experts

Success stories

Digital transformation success stories

1. Light-touch AI solution to streamline workers’ insurance claims processing
Ambit, an AI machine learning program developed by Fingent, simplifies the time-consuming steps involved in the processing of workers’ compensation claims. Combining artificial intelligence and machine learning logic with our client’s litigation strategy, the light-touch AI solution enables attorneys to balance time, money, and cases in hand.
2. Integrating customized design with the latest technologies to enable smart e-locker management
VLocker, a leading provider of electronic lockers for click-and-collect e-commerce delivery and fulfillment, partnered with Fingent to develop a complete and robust software suite for their lockers that could be scaled to multiple industries, user categories, and locker applications.
3. Customized transportation management system to reimagine logistics and supply chain operations
Texas-based Cheetah Transportation Systems collaborated with Fingent to build a personalized and lean transportation management system that helped accelerate their digital transformation journey and secured them a sustainable competitive advantage.

Our digital transformation success stories spell out how your peers are keeping their brand relevant in fast-changing times.


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