Media & Entertainment Software Development Services

Innovative technology solutions for media organizations to gain sustained attention and reach new audiences

Media Industry

Building Engaging User Experiences with Custom Media & Entertainment Software

Media and entertainment brands face constant market disruptions as they need to compete with each other for attention, time, and revenues, and stay close to younger demographics. Customized media and entertainment software products built using innovative technologies allow your brand to quickly upgrade and adapt to user preferences and deliver rich and personalized content across multiple distribution channels at lower price tags.
Tailored media software solutions enable different types of media and entertainment brands to streamline their media planning, content creation, distribution, and revenue generation processes.
Print Media, Magazines, Newspapers Television Broadcasting Digital/ Online Live Streaming & Broadcasting Music & Soundtrack
Movies & Films Radio Channels & Podcasts Advertising & Promotions Gaming & Entertainment
Sports Broadcasters Public Relations Media Events & Conferences Content Creators & Distributors
Print Media, Magazines, Newspapers Television Broadcasting Digital/ Online Live Streaming & Broadcasting
Music & Soundtrack Movies & Films Radio Channels & Podcasts
Advertising & Promotions Gaming & Entertainment Sports Broadcasters
Public Relations Media Events & Conferences Content Creators & Distributors

Media & Entertainment Software

Custom-built Media Software To Gain a Competitive Edge

  • Broadcast live events online to capture audience attention and increase engagement
  • On-demand video streaming, live transcoding, analytics, and live chat functionality
  • Custom alerts, overlays, chat integration features, and a range of APIs for customization
  • Centrally organize, manage, control, configure access, and distribute your media company’s digital assets, including videos, images, audio files, design files, and presentations
  • Workflow automation, usage tracking, and integrations with other software, including content management systems
  • Manage digital ad booking requests, inventory, and time-slots
  • Generate ad-specific recommendations and custom ad packages
  • Enhance ad planning by seamlessly managing inventory, ad rates, reporting, booking requests, ad server syncing, and more
  • Custom software solutions to create high-quality marketing content in-house
  • Advanced design options to create and publish images, graphics, import texts, and other customized forms of printed content
  • Publishing software with CMS feature to effortlessly manage and accelerate print and digital publishing
  • Deliver omni-channel, immersive user experience across devices with low latency streaming and zero buffering
  • Real-time streaming management with builtin monitoring tools
  • Seamless distribution of 4K HDR content across devices and networks
  • In-built security features for media companies to limit access to their confidential information
  • Ensure 100% compliance with data protection regulations like HIPAA, GDPR, GLBA, and others
  • Customized rights management tools with sharing, metadata, role-based access, media tracking, security, and other essential rights control

It’s important to engage the right software development partner who can help you drive innovation and change business models to deliver an outstanding entertainment experience with guaranteed ROI.

Media Technologies

Emerging Technologies That Transform Media and Entertainment Operations

Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality
Internet of Things (IoT)
Cloud Computing
Data Analytics & Visualization

Business Scenarios

Media & Entertainment Software Development for Business-specific Cases

News Portals
Digital Assets
AdTech Applications
Digital Rights
Custom Media & Entertainment Software
Accounting & Finance Management

The Fingent Way

Media Software Development Tailored To Every Brand’s Unique Needs

AI and Data Analytics for Personalized Content Delivery
Fingent works with leading media brands to expand the reach and effectiveness of their messaging by leveraging emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, data visualization, in-depth analytics, and content marketing tools. Our customized software solutions allow media and entertainment companies to improve their content marketing strategies and communicate effectively with their users across multiple platforms and devices.
AI-based Chatbots To Improve Consumer Engagement
Integration of AI-powered chatbots with custom media software solutions allow brands to streamline and automate their communication process across a range of digital platforms. Chatbots work round-the-clock to interact with the user, respond to their queries, and provide the right information at the right time. Fingent works with media companies to design innovative digital marketing strategies that drive greater levels of consumer engagement across various social platforms.
Integration of Marketing Automation Software
Fingent assists media companies to integrate marketing automation solutions with their existing or new applications, so they can easily track and measure the performance of their marketing efforts, content, ads, and other promotion activities. Marketing automation and performance analysis enable media brands to keep a finger on the pulse of their consumers and rethink their content creation and distribution strategy.
Unique Platform and Device Specific Experiences
Let it be a mobile app or a web app or a Smart Connected TV experience, Fingent’s cross-platform development capabilities allow brands to build highly scalable, adaptable, and responsive media and entertainment software applications that don’t get outdated in a flash. Our development team and UX/UI design professionals work hand in hand to create multi-platform and multi-device compatible media and entertainment applications.

Personalized media and entertainment software solutions developed by a reputable partner allow brands to broaden their content reach, enhance viewer experience, monetize content, and generate new revenue streams.

Client Stories

Fingent’s Featured Custom Software Solutions for the Media & Entertainment Industry

Fingent assisted Impact XM, a leading experiential marketing agency in the USA, to implement a customized CRM Solution and a project management tool specifically catering to their unique business workflow. Customized software solutions developed by Fingent allow them to leverage the advantages of latest technologies and scale with rapid market changes.

  • Centralized data management and real-time tracking of performance and key metrics
  • Enhanced business visibility and interdepartmental collaboration
  • Greater time-savings and tremendous reduction in manual efforts and errors
  • Remarkable improvements in overall efficiency and productivity with a trusted, flexible, and scalable technology ecosystem


Factors Influencing the Cost of Media & Entertainment Software Development

Custom media and entertainment software development cost is determined by several factors, including:

Engaging the right media software development partner is crucial for mitigating revenue and margin pressures. A trusted software partner equips your media brand to innovate and scale with low-leverage cost structures.


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