Open Source Software Development Technologies

Leveraging Open Source Tools & Frameworks to Build Highly Personalized Software For Your Business

Importance of Open Source

Why is Open Source Crucial for Business Software Development?

What is Open Source?
Open source or open source software (OSS) refers to software code that is designed to be publicly accessible – anyone can see, modify, and distribute the code as they see fit. Open source tools, development frameworks, and technologies are usually developed in a collaborative, public manner.
Why is Open Source Important in Software Development?
Despite the type of software you’re building, your development team will have to rely at least partially on open source. Here’s why open source is important for enterprise software development.
Accelerates speed to market: Open source allows development teams to utilize resources that already exist, so they can save time and effort. It provides frameworks for developers to build on top of, so they don’t have to build the entire software from scratch.
Fosters innovation: Open source gives developers access to code that is used, tested, and updated by companies in the same industry. It motivates developers to collaborate with experts, innovate and think out of the box.
Facilitates collaboration: Open source communities constantly contribute toward improving the technology, so developers get an opportunity to collaborate with experts in the same field and come up with new ideas.
Saves time and budget: Leveraging open source frameworks and tools allows you to launch your software within a short period of time without spending extensively on buying proprietary technology. The source code is available to all and is free to use and integrate.

The best software development partner helps you identify the right open source technologies and tools that can make your software simple, scalable, and user-friendly.

Tools & Frameworks

Open Source Programs Commonly Used in Enterprise Software Development

Top Open Source Programming Languages and Frameworks
Open Source Tools and Technologies for Managing and Analyzing Big Data
Open Source Frameworks for Artificial Intelligence/ Machine Learning/ Deep Learning
Open Source Cloud Platforms Leveraged for Cloud Software Development

Searching for the right set of open source tools or services is like deep-sea exploration. Only an expert software development consultant can simplify your hunt.

Use Cases

Types of Business Applications Developed Using Open Source Tools

Open source technologies, tools, frameworks, and programming languages accelerate the development of custom software applications including:


How Open Source Technologies Benefit Custom Software Development?

Open source SDKs:

Open source technologies and SDKs expedite custom software development in numerous ways. Your ultimate success, however, relies on the expertise of your software development outsourcing partner.

Pros & Cons

Pros & Cons of Using Open Source Technologies in Software Development

Open source technologies, tools, frameworks, and programming languages accelerate the development of custom software applications including:



How They Differ

Open Source vs. Commercial Software Development Kits (SDKs)

Open Source SDKs

Client Stories

Leveraging Open Source SDKs and Toolkits to Develop Custom Software Solutions

1. Customizable Course Mapping & Pivoting Application

Fingent assisted Substantive Solutions, Inc. to develop a customizable course mapping & pivoting application for addressing compliance issues related to educational programs and also helped them render learning requirements in a simple and comprehensive manner by leveraging several open source SDKs.

  • High scalability and integration capabilities leveraging web, cloud, and mobile
  • LTI integration - Interoperability with other education platforms
  • 60% reduction in cost and effort spent on course management
  • Important open source SDKs used: Angular, PHP Laravel Framework, MySQL

2. B2B eCommerce Platform for Procuring Medical Equipment

Fingent assisted Kogland, a leading B2B supplier of medical equipment and consumables, to develop a customized ecommerce platform for procuring healthcare equipment faster and easier. The platform is powered by some of the leading open source technologies.

  • Standardized pricing without the involvement of middlemen
  • 200% increase in web traffic from targeted customers
  • 50% increase in conversions
  • Open source SDKs used: Apache, MySQL, PHP, Zend Framework, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Require JS, Knockout JS, and Composer

3. Integrated Day Camp Management Platform

Camp Mohawk, our customer, reported a 15% increase in customer satisfaction since they started using the custom iOS and Android apps that we’ve developed for them. Leveraging open source SDKs, we also helped them develop an integrated camp management platform to streamline their daily operations.

  • 97-99% average camper satisfaction reported
  • Significant increase in web traffic recorded throughout the camping season
  • Administrative dashboards, messaging, and collaboration features
  • Open source technologies used: PHP, JavaScript, Android and iOS programming languages