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Transforming Property Management with Custom Real Estate Software Development

Managing properties can be time-consuming and complex; but customized software solutions eliminate the hassles and help streamline business operations and maximize profits. Custom software can be highly personalized and tailored to meet the unique business needs of real estate companies, ensuring that they get the most out of their investment. With a range of features such as tenant screening, lease management, rent collection, and maintenance requests, it can eliminate manual processes and reduce errors. Using custom software, real estate professionals can focus on growing their businesses and delivering exceptional client service.

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Custom Real Estate Solutions

Modern Tailored-fit Real Estate Software Development Services

Real Estate Management SoftwareThis software helps property managers, agents, and landlords streamline and automate their real estate operations, such as managing property listings, tenant information, lease agreements, and financial transactions.
Multiple Listing Service (MLS) SoftwareMultiple Listing Service (MLS) Software provides real estate agents and brokers a platform to share property listings. It allows agents and brokers to input, manage, and search for property listings.
RETS Integration SolutionsReal Estate Transaction Standard (RETS) Integration Solutions allows for exchanging property listing data between different real estate systems.
IDX Integration SolutionsInternet Data Exchange (IDX) Integration Solutions allows for integrating property listings from multiple sources into a single website.
Real Estate CRM SoftwareReal Estate CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Software helps real estate agents and brokerages manage and track client interactions and transactions. It automates many administrative tasks, including lead management, client communication, marketing, and transaction management.
AR/VR Real Estate SoftwareAR/VR Real Estate Software uses augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technologies to create immersive, interactive experiences for real estate professionals and their clients. This software enables us to showcase properties more engaging and personalized way.
Real Estate Valuation SoftwareThis software is designed to help real estate professionals, appraisers, and investors estimate a property’s market value. It uses data analytics, artificial intelligence, and other advanced technologies to analyze market trends, property features, and other factors that affect the value of a property.
HOA ManagementHOA (Homeowners Association) Management refers to managing a community or neighborhood association responsible for maintaining and managing common areas and amenities, enforcing community rules and regulations, collecting dues and fees, and managing the finances of the association.
Real Estate Mobile AppsReal Estate Mobile Apps are software applications designed specifically for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. These apps are typically used by real estate professionals, property managers, and home buyers and sellers to streamline various aspects of the real estate industry.

Real estate is undergoing a massive technological change, and choosing a modern tailored-fit real estate software is important to stay ahead of the curve. Don't get left behind in this new era of real estate – invest in customized software solutions.


Technologies helping to Drive Innovation and Transformation in the Real Estate Industry

Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Internet of Things (IoT)
Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR/AR)
Big Data
Cloud Computing

Business Scenarios

Leveraging Technology for Efficiency and Customer Experience in Real Estate

Property Management
Sales and Marketing
Property Valuation
Property Transactions
Customer Experience
Data Analysis

The Fingent Way

Real Estate Software Development Company Tailors Software Solutions to Meet Client Needs

Process Automation
Fingent’s real estate industry and technology stalwarts deliver flexible solutions that automate and simplify workflows across numerous real estate functions. This includes software solutions for property management, property maintenance, property investment, foreclosure, rent, and facility management.
All-In-One Property Management Solutions
Fingent’s innovative solution approach integrates multiple technologies to a single platform to facilitate enhanced communication and collaboration. The all-in-one functionality makes it the industry’s leading property management solution, trusted by leading real estate professionals.
Marketing Automation
Fingent enables customers to stay upfront in the market by offering cutting-edge solutions with MLS (Multiple Listing Service) integrations, lead syndications, marketing automation features, and online portals for property viewing, application submission, and resident screening.
Customized Web and Mobile Apps
Comprehending the industry’s pain points, Fingent develops customized Proptech software solutions that are scalable, futuristic, and flexible to the ever-changing technology trends.

Transform your real estate business with a tailored-fit software solution crafted by the right experts in the field.

Client Stories

Fingent’s Hallmark Software Solutions for Real Estate Companies

Fingent envisioned the Rentmoji suite of products as a robust single-source property management solution for residential rental properties. Rentmoji suite caters to different property management verticals, such as property import, vacancy listing, syndication to property listing websites, lead management, leasing of properties, rent collection, tenant eviction, maintenance management, and accounting.


  • Single centralized platform
  • Structured lead management
  • Automation of key processes
  • Improved security

SimpleRent & Sealey Investment, LLC, wanted a solution that could streamline the entire rent collection process and simplify managing property maintenance requests for property managers. Fingent developed SimpleRent, a software-as-a-service (Saas) platform. The platform featured separate portals for tenants and property managers to carry out their activities conveniently.


  • Streamlined rent collection process
  • Automated the entire payment process
  • Simplified management of maintenance requests
  • Easy identification of pending payments and delinquent tenants

WRI Property Management, a well-known provider of single-family rental homes in the US, relied on conventional methods to manage their multi-million dollar transactions. Fingent developed a customized software solution named Honey Badger that separately focused on property management and acquisition management.


  • Exponential growth rate of 26% over three years
  • Reduced delay between acquisition and profitability
  • Improved transparency and integration across departments
  • Seamless data migration from disparate data sources


Cost of Developing a Custom Real Estate Software

When it comes to developing custom real estate software, the cost can vary widely depending on a number of factors.
It’s important to have a clear understanding of your project goals and requirements before getting started. Any changes or additions to the project scope can also increase the cost. To get a more accurate estimate, it’s recommended to consult with a reputable software development company and provide them with a detailed project plan and requirements

Partnering with the right experts is crucial to balance the cost and functionality of your real estate software development. Additionally, it can help estimate your development costs and ensure a strong return on investment.


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