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Custom sports applications and analytics solutions to boost athletic performance and create engaging fan experiences

Sports Industry

Changing the Game of Sports with Custom Sports Management Software

Digital innovation in sports facilities and the massive increase in national and international sports events are accelerating the growth of the sports management software market worldwide. With custom-built software, sports organizations can broaden their content reach, drive fan experience, engage sponsors, unlock new revenue streams, analyze the performance of sportspersons to suggest next steps, schedule and organize events, live-stream matches and games with in-depth and real-time analytics, and organize the activities of sports clubs, leagues, and associations.
There are different types of users that use sports management software.
Teams & Leagues Coaches & Assistants Players & Agents Sports Venues & Facilities
Fans & Viewers Clubs & Organizations SolutionsParents & Guardians Event Organizers
Partners & Sponsors Sports Inventory Suppliers Referees & Umpires Ticketing Agents
Teams & Leagues Coaches & Assistants Players & Agents Sports Venues & Facilities
Fans & Viewers Clubs & Organizations Parents & Guardians Event Organizers
Partners & Sponsors Sports Inventory Suppliers Referees & Umpires Ticketing Agents

Custom Sports Management Software

Tailor-made Sports Applications to Gain Competitive Advantage

Sports Scheduling Software
Team Management Software
Financial Management Software
Scouting Software
Analytical Software
Communication Software

Personalized media and entertainment software solutions developed by a reputable partner allow brands to broaden their content reach, enhance viewer experience, monetize content, and generate new revenue streams.

Sports Technologies

Game-Changing Technologies in The Sports Industry

Fan Engagement
Performance Analytics
Smart Stadium Technologies
AR and VR

Business Scenarios

Custom Sports Management Software for Distinct Business Use Cases

  • Enable athletes, coaches, players, and teams to quickly and easily register for games, tournaments, and sports events
  • Customized registration forms for different types of sporting events
  • Online payment of registration fees
  • View match schedules and team rosters online
  • Digital submission of waivers and documents
  • Allow admins to create leagues with multiple teams that play each other on a regular basis
  • Generate complex or simple tournament brackets
  • Manage automatic substitutions and assign officials or referees as needed
  • Automatic notification settings to inform users about changes in their schedules
  • Administrators or clubs can keep track of team rosters which include personal information about their players, such as their name, contact details, and skill levels
  • Upload photos of the players so they can easily be identified during an event or competition
  • Manage the track records and performance reports of each athlete to design customized training programs
  • Allow administrators to track game scores and statistics in real-time during live events
  • Options for users to input scores per player and period by period stats, such as points scored, timeouts taken and fouls committed
  • Generate and share comprehensive reports on the performance of each athlete during a game or match
  • Generation of detailed financial reports showing earnings, expenses, and inventory usage
  • Cost breakdowns for equipment purchases or travel expenses associated with participating in competitions or tournaments
  • Data related to individual athletes’ performances as well as overall trends across an entire season
  • Video analysis tools for coaches to analyze footage from past games to identify areas that need improvement
  • Measure areas where progress has been made since the last time out on the court
  • Improve the team’s performance over time by pinpointing exactly what needs work

The Fingent Way

Sports Software Development Tailored To Business-Specific Requirements

Innovative Sports Tech to Gain Home-Field Advantage
By leveraging technology innovations such as AI-based self-learning algorithms, data mining techniques, natural language processing, and pattern recognition methods, Fingent enables sports leagues, clubs, associations, players, coaches, and teams to secure key insights related to their performance during matches as well as practice sessions. A significant home-field advantage allows players and teams to perform with high levels of confidence in other venues as well.
Sports Technology for Personalized Team Training
Fingent dabbles with a range of technologies, such as data analytics, AI, and cognitive computing to help coaches and athletes design customized training programs and schedules. Video and motion analytics, performance analytics, AR, and VR applications will help coaches decide the duration and intensity of training needed for each player, assess their health and stamina, track player injuries and recovery, identify strategies to be changed, and more.
Digital Solutions to Improve Player Response
We build custom software solutions that allow sports clubs and organizations to gather important biomarker data in order to help them prevent injuries and foresee athletic capabilities of each player. In-depth player information allows teams and individual players to respond to stressors in real-time and change their game tactics on the field.
Translating Data into Incredible Stories for Sports Fans
Fingent enables sports companies to leverage AI and analytics to capture the highlights of each game, event, or match and share it with the fans in real-time. Comparisons of past and live performances, expectations for the upcoming game sessions, interactive motion graphics, and immersive AR/ VR content allow sports fans to engage deeply with event hosts, players, teams, and clubs.

Tailor-made software solutions crafted by the industry’s leading experts allow sports organizations to broaden content reach, drive fan experience, engage sponsors, and generate new revenue streams.


Factors Influencing the Cost of Sports Management Software Development

Custom sports application development cost is determined by several factors, including:

Partnering with the right experts is crucial for balancing the cost and functionality of sports application development. A reputable vendor helps you with the accurate estimation of development cost and ensures a stable return on investment.


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