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Why Choose Odoo ERP

What makes Odoo the best ERP solution for your business?

A robust ERP application is the nerve center of your business operations. It helps in improving your sales, streamlining administration, and enhancing productivity, visibility, and efficiency.
Odoo is a leading open-source ERP platform that offers a suite of business apps to cover all your company needs such as CRM, Sales, Development, Project Management, Sales, Management of Human Resources, and more. Odoo ERP development, implementation, and customization help your business in numerous ways.

Business Fit

When Does Your Business Need Odoo ERP?

Is Odoo ERP the right choice for your business? Consider the following factors before making a decision.
Your business needs the efficiency brought in by Odoo ERP, if:

If your business is experiencing difficulties in managing finances, order volumes, and customer satisfaction, it’s high time you should invest in a workable ERP software like Odoo.

Key Modules

Top Odoo ERP Modules to Enhance Your Business Outcomes

Odoo ERP is a software powerhouse that encompasses diverse applications/ modules to address every business need. Here are some of the top Odoo ERP modules that help businesses manage their day-to-day operations with ease.
  • Provides all the information about leads and customers in a single place
  • Actionable insights delivered via customized data dashboards and real-time reports and flow charts to make smarter business decisions
  • Helps schedule interactions based on your sales scripts: calls, meetings, mailing, and quotations
  • Real-time messaging and sharing of ideas and files to enhance collaboration
  • Fully integrated with other Odoo apps – sales, automated signing, invoicing, and email marketing
  • Build your own professional eCommerce website (eStore) in a few steps using AI website configurator, drag and drop editor, pre-configured native themes, and custom theme creation tools
  • Omnichannel strategy to connect your online store to other sales channels, such as your POS or CRM
  • Features to keep your eCommerce website SEO optimized and mobile-friendly
  • Comprehensive dashboard and integrated tracking (analytics) tools to understand the behavior of your visitors and improve the conversion rate
  • Automated tax rates, B2B store and multiple websites, and features to configure product variations and price adjustments
  • Customer portal for quick payments, integration with all main payment providers, multi-currency environment, automated payment reminders, and more features to get paid faster
  • Time-saving tools with intuitive features for automatic reconciliation, AI-powered invoice digitization, accruals, and assets
  • 70+ Fiscal Localization packages to match your country’s requirements, such as charts of accounts, taxes, country-specific reports, electronic invoicing, audit files, etc.
  • Instant, generic, dynamic, and unlimited financial reports to monitor and analyze your figures and design new growth plans
  • Fully integrated with other Odoo apps – documents, inventory, expenses, sales, and more
  • Smart double entry inventory system to organize your warehouse processes, improve performance, and save time
  • Order points and fully automated replenishments to make your supply chain more efficient than ever
  • Real-time dynamic reports and custom dashboards to keep key information at your fingertips
  • Total traceability – ability to track every stock move anywhere in your supply chain
  • Cutting-edge automation and advanced routes to manage any warehouse (drop-shipping, cross-docking, multi-warehouse)
  • Compatibility with any hardware – no installation and no specific hardware required
  • Smart, flexible, and easily configurable POS for all kinds of retail companies
  • Point of Sale stays reliable and operational even after complete disconnection (of internet)
  • Easy to automate loyalty management programs, issue invoices instantly, and send special offers or sale notices with Odoo email marketing
  • Integrated inventory management with real-time control & accurate forecasts to manage procurements
  • Agile project management tool with a modern interface to organize, schedule, plan, and analyze your projects
  • Allows managers to review project performance and employees’ availability and anticipate needs and resources to estimate deadlines more accurately
  • Unique visual interfaces to help you track and maintain your projects from any level – functional and dynamic graph views for each task
  • Real-time messaging and collaboration features to discuss work and share documents and add quick notes or attach files to any task
  • Helps break down your project into bite-sized tasks to increase overall project efficiency

Looking for a powerful and cost-effective ERP solution that combines multiple business solutions in one platform? Enter Odoo and see for yourself.


Migrating from Legacy Business Applications to Odoo ERP System

Odoo ERP migration helps automate tedious and time-consuming tasks to save your team’s effort, so they can focus on areas that demand more attention. Migrating to the latest version of Odoo ERP is more time and cost-effective than going for a total replacement of your legacy enterprise application.


How Does Odoo ERP Customization Benefit Your Business?

While Odoo offers several out-of-the-box solutions, customization of Odoo ERP software helps address your unique business needs.
Types of Odoo Customization
Benefits of Odoo ERP Customization

Why Fingent

Benefits of Choosing Fingent as Your Odoo ERP Partner

Being an Official Partner of Odoo, we have substantial experience in implementing Odoo ERP projects for businesses across multiple verticals.

A reliable ERP implementation partner accompanies your organization along each step of your Odoo transformation journey.

Client Stories

Featured Odoo ERP Implementation & Customization Success Stories

1. Odoo ERP Integration for a B2B e-Commerce Healthcare Procurement Platform

Fingent helped Kogland, a leading B2B medical procurement eCommerce platform, integrate Odoo ERP into their system. Integration with Odoo ERP improved their decision-making skills and helped them in delivering personalized customer services.

  • Seamless integration of Odoo ERP with Magento 2, the framework that powers the eCommerce application
  • End-to-end visibility into purchases, sales, inventory, stock value, and other key parameters
  • Odoo integration helps Kogland in managing sales orders, purchases, and inventory
  • Flexible payment options, shipping integration, faster ROI, and profitability gains

2. Odoo Website Builder for a Real Estate Marketing SaaS Platform

Fingent assisted Real Nest Tours, a real estate marketing SaaS platform, to implement Odoo website builder module, so they can quickly create website designs for every single property listed on their platform.

  • Website creation for single properties to facilitate virtual property tours and site visits
  • Ability to choose from hundreds of industry-specific website templates and go live quickly
  • Allows property owners/ managers to add property details, upload photos and link property videos and 3D site tours
  • Technologies used: Odoo 10.0 and Angular 4